Why Text Marketing For A Small Business Works?

Text marketing for any business works and the reason for this is that today almost 98% of the population has cellphones.This lets them receive SMS and helps your business to grow. Smartbusiness marketing software is also something that is very popular these days. However, its drawback is that it works only on smartphones and if you talk numbers most do not have an internet enabled device or a smartphone. So basically if you are running a texting campaign only for those who use the internet, then you are elimination some potentialcustomerfrom the list.

The other reason why texting for business is so effective is that the majority of SMSes are opened with a few minutes of receiving it. Compare it with the time one takes toopen an email and you would see that SMS texting isopened much faster as compared to a marketing campaign sent via email.

SMS marketing is also known to perform much better than advertising your business online. This is done in order to create awareness of your brand and also increase the intent of the purchaser.Coupons that you attach with your promotion message aremore likely to be used when you send it via SMSthan when it is sent on email.

All that you need to start a text message marketingfor your small business is to first collect the database ofcustomers who would actually be interested in yourproduct. You can compile it very easily with the widgets on your website. You can also invite potential customers to text a keyword to a short number code.

There areproviders of texting for business services who will usually include the keywords. When a customer opts and sends a message on the SMS marketing campaign you can add it to your database and thus start sending him some promotionalmessages in the future.