Parkour Business – No Joke

It’s all business. In the world of business, there is no room for the personal. That is the rule we follow when it comes to building the most comfortable shoes for parkour. Being strictly professional means you are looking at things in a very cold and logical manner. There is no question of cutting any slack. In the world of Parkour, there is no taking it easy either.

When you are learning how to do Parkour, you need to teach yourself a lot of tricks in the book. Not everyone can Parkour. That is a fact. First things first. Get the right shoes. The most comfortable shoes for parkour are the ones that will take you all the way. Once you have your accessories right, the rest is just pure business style.

  • You need a lot of endurance. Get in shape immediately. Stamina is the key.
  • The rolling and landing moves are a must. With a lot of vertical moves in the picture, the shoes will help you roll and land well.
  • Your practice schedule must include regular jumping, vaulting, and climbing moves. They must be smooth in nature and not get you into any injury.
  • The clichéd sentence ‘practice is perfect’ applies very well to parkour. Keep trying till you get it right.
  • Self-exploration is a beautiful concept here. Do try it.
  • The whole point of this exercise is to reach your goal. Identify your goal and do your best you get there. Do not take your eyes off the target.
  • Your style is what you need. This is a very particular and detailed method. Your personal style is what will work in the end. It is not about what works for others but for you.

Get the right shoes and give it your best shot.