Carpet Cleaning- DIY Or Hire A Pro?

When you consider cleaning your carpet, the question that pops up first is, should you DIY or hire a pro. Both have their own benefits. You might feel that DIY is a more cost effective option. But in some cases you cannot avoid availing the services of a pro.

DIY cleaning:

You should definitely choose to do some of the minor cleaning work yourself. When there are spills and stains remove them immediately. Vacuum your carpet once or twice a week to remove the dust and debris. Increase the frequency if you have pets and kids at home. Invest on a good quality carpet cleaning machine. This would make your cleaning more efficient and save you a lot of time as well.


  • DIY is a cheaper option
  • You can do it at the time of your convenience


  • When you use harmful chemicals simply to remove stains you risk damaging the carpet. Choose them carefully.
  • Using a steam clean with the wrong settings might damage your carpet.

Hire a professional:

Hiring a professional is required at least once in two years. Even if you choose to do the regular cleaning yourself, to safely deep clean your carpet, you would need a pro. The professionals would have the right carpet cleaning machine to effectively clean the carpet. When it comes to steam cleaning, the temperature settings would have to be determine based on the material of the carpet. The professional carpet cleaners would know this better. Professionals would know the right ingredients to use and the way to use them. This would avoid leaving residues on your carpet and damaging them. You would also not have to worry about water damage and formation of mildew due to improper drying. Check out this carpet cleaner who offers a wide variety of services and several packages to choose from.